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Mutabor | November 10, 2021
FESTIVAL 2021/22
Dear friends, we were looking forward to the arrival of the Berlin ensemble Zeitkratzer, but due to the coronavirus situation, we unfortunately have to inform you that the ensemble will not be able to come and its concert is being postponed. We still hope to see it in Moscow.

However, on November 10, an audiovisual concert of German and Russian academic and improvisational music will take place - with a new program!

We invited outstanding Russian soloists - Sergey Poltavsky, Dmitry Vlasik, Yulia Migunova and Alexey Potapov - to play five electroacoustic compositions by two German and two Russian composers. Video art on the concert is performed by Berlin artists - Lilevan, who will perform his new compositions to the music of Dmitry Kurlyadnsky and Arman Gushchyan, Veit Lup, as well as live videos to the works of German composers - Michael Beil and Alexander Schubert.
The first concert of the horror Vacui project, festival in progress, dedicated to the research of the nature of creativity, will take place as part of the Year of Germany in Russia and the NET festival. The New European Theater.

About Us
Trajectory of Music is an independent cultural platform founded to organize international projects in new academic music and sound art in partnership with leading Russian and foreign musicians and cultural institutions.
Our mission is to facilitate the creation of new music by Russian and foreign composers, stimulate research and popularize contemporary music in Russia.

Founded in Moscow in 2015 by composer Arman Gushchyan, the Trajectory of Music platform started with eNsemble + Phoenix, a Russian tour of two prominent bands playing contemporary music, Ensemble Phoenix Basel (Switzerland) and Pro Arte's eNsemble (Saint Petersburg, Russia). The bands gave five concerts, performing eight pieces of Russian and Swiss composers, five of which were written specially for the tour. The concerts were played on the Alexandrinsky Theater's New Stage (Saint Petersburg), in the Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow), and the State Center of Contemporary Art (Nizhny Novgorod).

In 2017, the Trajectory of Music platform and the Opera Apriori international vocal music festival launched a project called Requiem for Josquin Desprez: Jean Richafort (с.1480 – с.1547) and Composers of the 21st Century. Five contemporary composers from Russia, France and Austria created new pieces for the Russian premier of the Requiem written by Jean Richafort, a great polyphonist of the Renaissance, having supplemented it with missing canonical prayers of the Latin funeral mass and created a unique musical supercomposition that bring together musical pieces of different composers and different epochs. The premier in the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Virgin Mary in Moscow was a great success.

In October 2017, the Trajectory of Music platform organized an international contemporary music and sound art festival, Everything Is Real, dedicated to Alvin Lucier, an American composer and a classic of experimental music. The festival was the longest personal event dedicated to Alvin Lusier's work at that time. During six days, five major cultural centers in Moscow – Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow International House of Music, Theater of Nations' New Space and Electrotheater Stanislavsky – hosted four lectures, a meet-the-artist session, master classes for young composers, screening of a documentary, and four concerts performed by the best Moscow bands and soloists of contemporary music, as well as guests of the festival, including American percussionist Trevor Saint, German sound artist Haucke Harder and Alvin Lucier himself. The festival featured 17 compositions. Nine of them were Russian premiers of the pieces written by Alvin Lucier, James Tenney and Morton Feldman. For the first time in Russia, Alvin Lucier performed his legendary compositions Music for Solo Performer, I am sitting in a room, and Bird and Person Dyning. The festival also featured a world premiere of Alvin Lucier's new piece Sickle written specially for the festival Everything Is Real.

Other Projects
Everything Is Real
Alvin Lucier
MOSCOW | 2 — 7 October 2017
Festival 2017
A retrospective of the work of the legendary composer, one of the pioneers of American experimental music – Alvin Lucier. The festival is proud to have the participations of Alvin Lucier as the performer of his seminal works as well as the world premier of his new composition, written specially for the Moscow festival.

The festival will take place on October 2-7 at the leading cultural venues of Moscow, with participation of the best Russian ensembles of contemporary music, as well as musicians from Germany and the USA.
eNsemble + Phœnix
St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhni Novgorod
December 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17, 2015
Eight views on instrumental concert

Soloists of the Swiss Ensemble Phoenix Basel and the St. Petersburg eNsemble under the baton of conductors Jurg Henneberger and Fyodor Lednev explore the modern interpretation of the genre of instrumental concert by Russian and Swiss composers of different generations. Five world premieres of new compositions specially written for the eNsemble + Phoenix project by young composers — Denis Shuler, Christoph Schiss (Switzerland), Marina Khorkova, Natalia Prokopenko and Alexander Khubeyev (Russia), as well as Russian/Moscow premieres of works by Dieter Ammann, Sergei Nevsky and Antoine Schesse will be performed at the venues of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater (St. Petersburg), the Multimedia Art Museum Moscow and the NCCA in Nizhny Novgorod.

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